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The purpose of this photo gallery is to document the complete process of producing landscape and dimensional stone at Birkendale Natural Stone Ltd. Click on the 'Step' text link or associated image to view more information about that stage of the process. Enjoy viewing this portfolio and feel free to ask us questions about the process of quarrying granite at Birkendale Natural Stone Ltd.

Step 1: Blasting
The first step in quarrying granite is to 'clear the land'. Once the face is stripped, it is drilled and prepared for blasting. The blast does not blow the rocks into the sky. The blast 'loosens' the rock so that it can be pulled apart and removed.

Step 2: Excavating
After a blast, the excavator separates the loosened rock from the face. As the stone is removed, it is stock piled in preparation for processing.

Step 3: Processing
The stone is processed by hand or by guillotine. At Birkendale stone is split into flagstone by hand. We also have a machine called a guillotine (say 'gill-o-teen') with large teeth that puts pressure on large rocks and breaks them in half.

Step 4: Packaging
Finished products are skidded, weighed and wrapped. They are placed on skids for transporting to their work location. The skids are wrapped with a saran to keep the rock from shifting during transportation.

Step 5: Loading/Shipping
The rock is loaded onto the clients vehicles at the site. We load vehicles as large as tractor trailers or as small as pick-up trucks.

Step 6: "Rocks in Action"
This is a portfolio of Birkendale Granite in industry. Check out our experts' applications - it may give you a few ideas for your property whether commercial or residential!

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